Images from Plaermo Argentina (Thank you Pablo Torres for sharing the images)
Quick sketches and ideation for the mind mapping in  Palermo, Argentina

Some other images from the participants of the Sketch aerobics techniques.
Just before my presentation in the “Museo del Oro” in San Jose Costa Rica. I presented first and then Designer Joey Zeledon.
Joey Zeledon is a great skillful designer with a lot of experience in footwear and design consultancy. I really enjoyed his presentation.
Basic reference that can be use as guide to draw cups and glasses
Images of the participants designing a glass.
 The new design for the glass MUSt use reference from the exhibition of the museum.
Of you want to practice the exercise, you can use these two as reference.

Santiago also want to improve his drawing skills and has decided to start working in finishing his exercises.
These are his initial drawings:

In this case the phone has a inverted vanishing point. This is when the vanishing point looks like is in front of you instead of the back and that is way the thickness of the phone is thinner in the front and it should be the other way around.
This sketch also has some perspective problems. You could often confuse the perspective with isometric view.
This image shows your mistakes….Do not worry, this is a common mistake and will fix it with our basic exercises.
This is how you can improve it:
Define a horizon line first and them your 2 vanishing points, after that you can create your sketch based on the reference box.
After the construction of the reference box, you are ready to draw your object.

 Please if you want to improve your drawing skills, start following the basic exercises that Federico and Santiago are working on.

Feedback for Federico
Some times the best way to discover the problems is by simply turning the page an looking at your page from a different point of view.
You can see more of Federico’s exercises in the page that I created for Federico’s process 
He is doing a great job and practicing every day. Let me kow if any body else is practicing the basic exercises. I’m going to post another video tomorrow (new circles and 3 point perspective)  


Sketching Lab We are just a few weeks away from this great opportunity were you will have the opportunity to practice all the basic drawing and mind mapping skills as well as exercises of Biomimicry and design methodology. 
 I hope to see you there.  August 23 in San Jose Costa Rica.

Las charlas van a ser demostraciones en vivo de como aplicar tecnicas de dibujo y de mapeo de conceptos.

Images from the basic skills learned in Sketching Lab
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