Sketch Aerobics at Sketching Lab Costa Rica
Jose Gamboa at Sketching Lab Costa Rica.

About Learning by Doing, we promote visual innovation and creative strategies using basic sketching skills and problem solving methodologies.

Using music and the basic elements of sketching to promote learning by doing. Targeted exercises to eliminate the frustration that commonly used design techniques can elicit in students and young designers.

The Sketch aerobics ™  has born as a methodology to teach students the basic elements on visual communication and it has been transform into an innovation tool to foster team work.

The Sketch aerobics ™ methodology was created by Jose Gamboa, International Designer and former Industrial design Professor. Gamboa has had the opportunity to experience design as the catalyst for innovation. In Italy he collaborated with Pagani Automobili in the development of new products for the brand Pagani, In 2007 he created renderings of the 1.8 million dollar Zonda R.

He also worked as a full time faculty at the Savannah College of Art and Design where he was involved in special project classes, such as

Transportation Design and the Small Grant Donations Program of the United Nations. Mr. Gamboa also created an innovative way to teach the basics on design sketching skills (Sketch Aerobics™).

He also worked in the infant mass market industry with a Georgia based company and encounter multiple trips to Asia overseen manufacture process for the 2010 line of products. He is currently a Product Development Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia. Jose states, “good sketches come to life after a lot of effort is put into them, not with the magic touch of a fairy godmother.”  “Learning to draw is like learning a new language, you always start with the basic rules first .”

I’m a ball point pen visual innovator that travels to different places to share the advantages of visual communication in design and in business. Sketch Aerobics™ creator and fanatic of visual mind mapping and innovation techniques.


If you are interested in know more about Gamboa Sketch Aerobics™: TEDx Puravida


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